Ziggy: A Solid Shot On Goal

“Ziggy” (10 min.)

The story: A short exploration into the life and career of former soccer player Nenad “Ziggy” Zigante.

Directed by D. Forest Gamble, this sweet mini doc about Nenad “Ziggy” Zigante sheds light on an athlete turned family man. There is a quirky feel to the short, with different cinematic techniques that make it more like a home movie than an actual documentary. While there is a fair amount of time dedicated to Ziggy, it doesn’t always feel like the short is about him. A small but noticeable amount of time is dedicated to his family. It is obvious that Ziggy’s family is an important aspect of his identity, but having that time taken away from learning anything about him (in an already incredibly short film) detracts from the short’s charm. Ziggy can also wander at times, not giving full focus to one subject before shifting to another, which can leave a viewer a bit frustrated or bored. Perhaps a longer runtime would have helped remedy this, giving more attention to the different stories that are told. Ziggy is a nice enough time, even though it feels a bit long despite its runtime. It may leave you wanting more information and wanting it presented in a tidier way, but it still works.


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