Sea Fever: The Fever Dream I Couldn't Wake Up From

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Sea Fever isn’t an abysmal film. Unfortunately, that is the highest praise it can receive from this reviewer. What starts as an enticing and interesting hook for a thriller gradually turns into a dull and disappointing journey for a film with a presumptively promising premise. Be it the lack of character development, bland CGI or the desperate need of subtitles, Sea Fever gives little to shake up the Sci-Fi/Horror genre or add anything substantial to it.

As a fan of thrillers, Sea Fever’s storyline is one to be excited about. A marine biologist goes on an expedition with a crew, but tables turn when their boat gets caught

in the middle of the sea. As they scramble to figure out what’s keeping them there, the truth turns out to be far more terrifying than what they expected and seemingly beyond their ability to fix. Seeing these characters in a claustrophobic setting as they slowly descend into madness should be enough to give any thriller fan a case of the shivers. The crew’s attempt to battle a group of parasites sounds absolutely chilling on paper, but somehow Sea Fever misses the mark. The appeal of a thriller is the promise of an immersive story with a range of events that should take the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster. But Sea Fever doesn’t provide. The characters don’t seem to progress emotionally which leads to the story becoming confusing after the 30-minute mark. As a result it’s hard to feel much of anything throughout the film’s 90-minute runtime.

Overall, there seems to be a general disconnect between the film and the viewer. While there are some intriguing scenes, I found my attention continuously diverted from the action and focused on asking myself what was happening throughout. Sea Fever did not feel cohesive and proved itself to be a one time watch through.


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