Fisherman's Friends: A Shanty By Few Other Names

Fisherman’s Friends is a film that follows the real-life story of the Port Isaac group Fisherman’s Friends, a group of 10 men filled with hearty shanties that infectiously fill the ears of the UK. The best way to describe the story and execution of Fisherman’s Friends is that it’s nice. The film is a heart-filling tale with fun music and all too familiar story beats. For what it is, Fisherman’s Friends is enjoyable for the most part.

Fisherman’s Friends as an underdog story with a producer named Danny trying to help Fisherman’s Friends get their big break is enough to inspire any aspiring musician to follow their dream of trying to make it big. These men have charm, their own degree of grace and they’re earnest to a fault, which makes them people worth rooting for. Their likeability alongside the glorious music that they sing each shanty having beautiful lyrics and harmonies make the film worth watching. It’s nice to have a film feel-good enough that you can watch it either during the day which will lead to you being in an extremely good mood for the rest of the day or at night, which can lead to the possibility of having a dream about camaraderie that will make you call your friends and family just to tell them you appreciate their love.

Despite these positive feelings, there are several parts where Fisherman’s Friends drags, with the film nearly reaching the two-hour mark. There’s also a romantic aspect to Fisherman’s Friends that takes up more of the film than it should. The romance is rather shallow at first, but it does fill in decently later due to a familial feel that the film pushes.

There is a soft kindness that Fisherman’s Friends exudes. The beautiful Port Isaac setting may add a travel destination for any viewer’s bucket list. The community and the way everyone truly cares for one another can provoke true happiness. For any film, the ability to have such a euphoric sense is a true superpower, so in Fisherman’s Friends case the film's proper hero name may be...Aquaman (ha. ha. ha.).

On Demand and Digital July 24, 2020


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