Death of Me: Death of My Interest

From seasoned Thriller Director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, Repo! The Genetic Opera) comes the psychological horror film, Death of Me.

The film follows Christine as she and her photojournalist husband Neil travel to a small island for his research on the peculiar, inevitably perilous culture and faith of its inhabitants. After waking up in their destroyed room with no memory of the previous night, the young couple discovers a haunting video of them drinking what a waitress describes as "island magic," resulting in Neil murdering his wife and burying her on the island. Confused and scared, Christine spirals into insanity and toggles between the realms of life and death on the island.

While the plot seems incredibly enticing, the horror aspect of the Death of Me is rather dismal. Although the film dives right into the tragic events with no hesitation, there is a certain predictability that lingers throughout the 94-minute runtime. I found myself assuming what would happen next, and without fail would see it unfold the following scene. I also feel as though this film would benefit from subtitles while the natives of the island are speaking. While not being able to understand them aids the veil of mystery that shrouds the true intentions of the island's people, it did end up creating some muddled scenes.

Although the story is a little lackluster, the film is saved by its cinematography. The beautiful scenery of Thailand is unmatched. The makeup, special effects and arts team stand out as well for providing the spooky feel during the scenes with the faceless people, or when Christine is vomiting grass and dirt.

Christine, the scared, hurt and murdered main character played by Maggie Q, carries the film. Q’s experience in horror films such as Fantasy Island, and action films Divergent, and Live Free Die Hard, help to bring her character to life in Death of Me. However, her co-star, Luke Hemsworth, falls short. Although his experience lies in action and sci-fi films such as The Anomaly or hit TV series, Westworld, his horror debut is nothing to write home about.


DEATH OF ME will be available In Theatres, On Demand and Digital October 2nd.

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